FunGo Running Device


Today’s sport enthusiast expects the freedom to be able to choose how and where to work out. Running outside doesn’t suit everyone whether that is down to the weather, preference to run in your own friendly environment or the motivation of trying different tracks to be absorbed into. Step forward the FunGo, this clever super smart piece of tech attaches to your to your trainer and can then be connected to the free available FunGo app through Bluetooth.

An exciting new way of training in the beautiful environment you call your home, your gym or if you’re feeling really adventurous even your office at work!

Expect to run through many different exciting course’s all with their own unique scenery. Maybe a trip through the Coliseum or a Marathon or even a Bike race!

Suited for: running at home, on the treadmill, and spinning (You will need to use your mobile device)

Features: Numerous scenes, play with friends , voice communication (Need seperate headset), compete against your previous record, speed record, distance record. (Why not also purchase the OriOri headset and check your heart rate while running!)


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