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The Oriori Motion ball version 2 not only has the great parts of the Oriori squeeze ball version 1 but also has numerous motion functions including – motion games, motion exercises and even a vibrate function for relaxing your hand.

The motion exercises are great for increasing your wrist strength, flexibility and also if you’re recovering from any wrist injuries.
Off course the added benefit is again motion games where your game play improves all of these aspects without you actually realising it. There are a number of Motion games you can play, including Running Ringo, Gunslinger, Knock out buster, Greased Lightning…this is on top of all the great games already on the device including Fireworks, Shooting arrows, Grip Strength, Panda Blast and many more… Games are aimed at young and old so everyone can have a go!
With everyone stuck at home what better way to fill in the time then to have fun while exercising or improving your hand strength!

The grip strength side of the ball is great for many things including sports where you need to have strong grip strength i.e.. racket sports, climbing, calisthenics etc.. the list goes on…!
It’s also fantastic for recovering from hand or finger injuries and even for older users who are finding that their grip strength is going.

Where do people use grip strength? Opening jars, holding bags, turning taps on and off… the list again goes on. We don’t really do anything in everyday life to improve this important ability and we often lose it before we realise how important it is. Here is the perfect answer to helping solve this need.

We have also found that people who have bought either the Oriori Motion ball version 2 or the Oriori squeeze ball have used it for helping people suffering with ADD, Autism, Dementia and RSI.

We continue to work alongside hospitals, councils and schools to find even more ways this innovative device can be used to improve many peoples lives!

The grip strength ball is also available through John Lewis, Amazon and QVCUK



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