Oriori AR Adventure Blue


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The amazing Oriori AR adventure takes learning to a whole new level. Utilizing Augmented Reality technology and a free downloadable app expect to learn in a completely different way. With 30 different cards to bring to life including
forest animals, space and sea creatures things are going to get interesting!

If just bringing things to life on your mobile device isn’t enough you can use the 3D headset to fully submerse yourself. Each card has information which is read out aloud to you plus you get to hear some of the cool noises that go along with this, like a Frog’s ‘Ribbit’, a butterfly wings or how about making things really interesting and looking at the planet Mercury close up. If all of this isn’t enough there is even a really cool hologram device, get ready to see everything like you’ve never seen it before! The Planet Venus looks like its alive in the hologram house, the Manta ray looks like it’s swimming. So much to see and explore but in such an exciting way, just the way learning should be!

With the orange monkey group you get Tomorrow’s Technology Today.

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